Over 25 Years of College & Career Guidance

Becky is the developer of a unique system for high school and college students specifically designed to lead them through a step-by-step process that equips them to confidently choose a college major. The How To Pick a College Major © system is available only at the Get A Direction College & Career Guidance Center.

Becky is also the author of Discover Your Child's Natural Talents (Understanding Your Child's Unique Design from Kindergarten through High School). She is the developer of the Natural Talents Questionnaire, a tool used by individuals, churches and various organizations to help people uncover and understand their unique design. Becky also developed and wrote Heading In the Right Direction, a career/life planning program for high school students that was published by Lifeway Christian Resources, Nashville, TN in 1999.

Becky has written for a variety of magazines and has been interviewed on several radio programs. She speaks at parent and teacher conferences throughout the United States on how to discover and understand natural talents and on various college and career planning issues. She recently spoke in Israel at a women’s conference about how to identify and understand your natural talents and incorporate your unique strengths, abilities and interests into your own business.

Becky is a certified career counselor and has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Texas A&M University. Immediately after her graduation from college in 1980, Becky worked for 5 years in Human Resources Management before making her own career transition into college and career counseling. She graduated from the University of Houston Interviewing Institute offered through the Department of Psychology. Becky has also completed graduate studies focused on Identity Development Theory at St. Edward’s University in Austin.