College & Career Counseling Services – One-On-One With Becky Preble

All students going through college and career counseling sessions will receive the How To Pick A College Major Student Workbook and 5 instructional CDs. Prior to their first meeting with Mrs. Preble, the students will listen to the first 3 CDs in the program and work through the first 3 steps in the Student Workbook. (Each CD is less than 30 minutes in length). The first 3 steps in the program help the student uncover their interests, natural talents and values. Once a student completes the first 3 steps in the program, they schedule an appointment with Becky where she leads them through a 1 hour counseling session to help them match their interests, natural talents and values to a college and career path that fits their unique profile. Parents of the student are then asked to join their student for an additional hour so Becky can go over the results of their student’s assessment and counseling session.

How Does College & Career Counseling With Becky Differ From Other Career Testing Services?

Much of the career testing that is available today is interest or personality based. In these type tests, students are asked a series of questions about what they like or don’t like. After the test is scored, the students are given a printout indicating which career fields match their interests or personality. Students are often confused by their test results particularly when their recommended career field doesn’t seem to fit them. One young man told Becky that his career test said he should be a nun. A young lady, who was prone to sea sickness, was told she should be a tug boat captain. Instead of relying on computerized testing, Becky leads the students through a step-by-step process that helps them uncover their natural talents which is a key ingredient for finding enjoyment and success in a career field. Becky believes that picking a college major is actually a decision-making process that requires the student to be involved in the process. Becky helps the students get the kind of information they need to determine which college major best fits their unique set of interests, natural talents and values.

What Others Are Saying About Becky’s Method of College/Career Counseling

“Our son was flunking out of college and was severely depressed. He had no idea how to work his way out of the maze he was in. Ms. Preble showed us and him that he has a unique set of natural talents that simply weren’t matching his degree plan. He switched majors based on Ms. Preble’s recommendation. He went from flunking out to making the dean’s list in his new major. I will be referring lots of people to Ms. Preble to help them discover their natural talents and find a direction that fits who they are.” (Father of a college sophomore and licensed professional counselor)

“Talking with Mrs. Preble really opened my eyes to a thousand possibilities. I would never have thought that I shouldn’t make a career decision based solely on my interests. But, because of Mrs. Preble, I know now to pay attention to what it is I do and notice everyday, because this will help me understand my natural talents. I had been picking a career path just by my interests. I give all my thanks to her because I know now that I will leave college doing something I will love for the rest of my life.” (College Freshman)

“This helped me identify my natural abilities and gave me help in figuring out which direction I should take.” (High School Sophomore)

“I was helped by seeing what my natural talents were and seeing what career and jobs used them and which ones would be right for me.” (High School Junior)

“My son was floundering around in college, spending his days skipping classes and playing video games with his friends. My husband and I were worried and frustrated. Becky helped our son see that he was completely ignoring his unique design. She led him through a process that allowed him to see himself in a different way. He is excited about returning to college and changing majors. He now knows to look for opportunities and experiences that will help him develop his God-given strengths instead of working against who he really is.” (Mother of a College Sophomore)

“Before meeting with Mrs. Preble, I had absolutely no idea the different variety of majors that matched my strengths. I didn’t know how to distinguish my interests from my values and natural talents. I am excited, motivated and ready to get started on my college and career path. Thank you!” (High School Senior)

Counseling Fee

Becky offers a free 30 minute introductory consultation with you and your student so you can be sure that her counseling services are a good fit for your student’s needs. This initial consultation may be conducted over the phone or in Becky's office. If you decide to proceed with the counseling, the fee for the Natural Talent Assessment and 3 hours of individualized college and career counseling is $500.00. Credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Pay for Counseling Services

Call 830-481-4616 for questions or to schedule an appointment or free consultation.

Where Is The Get A Direction Career Counseling Center

The Get A Direction Career Counseling Center is located at 117 Highland, Suite #101 in Boerne, Texas. The center is approximately 30 minutes north of San Antonio, Texas off of I-H 10 West.

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