Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you know your counseling process works? Do you keep track of your success rate?

A: 95% of the students I counsel are siblings or friends of past clients. To read recommendations from some of my clients please click here.

Q: We can’t come to Comfort, TX for an office visit, do you offer counseling through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime?

A: Yes. I have clients throughout the U.S. and my most remote client was a college student from Moldova who was attending NYU at the Abu Dhabi campus! Some of my local clients also prefer online appointments because of their busy schedules.

Q: I know I want to sign up my child or myself for counseling services—what do I do next?

A: Call or text Becky (830) 481-4616, or email her at and let her know which counseling service you are interested in so she can set-up an appointment for you. Once your appointment time is set-up, you will need to do the following:

1. Go to and click on the button at the very top of the Home Page labeled “Pay for Counseling Services Here.” You will be asked to select your counseling service and provide your name or name of your student and a cell phone contact number.

2. You then will be directed into PayPal where you can pay for the counseling service using a PayPal account, or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card by selecting the Check Out option “Pay without a PayPal account.”

3. When you are completing the transaction with PayPal you will be asked to provide a mailing address. Becky will be mailing you The Get A Direction Natural Talent Questionnaire, this Questionnaire needs to be completed before the counseling session. The Questionnaire can be mailed to your home address or to your student’s college address. No need to mail it back to Becky, but be sure to bring it to your appointment.

Q: Why do I need to pay before the counseling session?

A: Becky only schedules 2 to 3 clients per day. Paying before the appointment secures your time slot. If there is an emergency or illness, and you can’t keep the designated appointment time, just call Becky and she will work with you to reschedule. If you decide you do not want to do the counseling with Becky, or if you are not satisfied with the counseling you receive, then 100% of your money is refunded.

Q: What if my child doesn’t want to go to college or isn’t sure if that’s the best choice; or what if my son or daughter started college but didn’t finish — do you work with these students to help them identify their best matched career path?

A: Yes. I don’t believe a 4 to 5 year Bachelor degree is the answer for every student. I want to help students find their best matched career path and in some cases that path may include attending a technical school; completing a 2 year Associate Degree; starting their own business; apprenticing in a trade; completing a specialized certification program; going into the military or taking a gap year.

Q: What are the counseling services offered at Get A Direction:

A: There are three counseling services offered.

1. The Pick My Major counseling service is specifically geared to help high school and college students identify their unique aptitudes and pick a major that would lead to a meaningful career. ($575 fee)

2. The Rethink Your Path counseling service helps young adults who are unhappy in their current career path find a new direction. This counseling option is a good choice for young adults ranging in age between mid-twenties to early-thirties. ($675 fee)

3. The Redirect Your Future counseling service was created in response to requests for help from mothers who had brought their high school student or college students in for college/career counseling and liked how it helped their children find their direction. This counseling service is for mothers who are considering their own college and/or career options as they face an empty nest. ($775 fee)