Recommendations from Clients

Good Afternoon, Mrs. Preble,

I visited with you this past summer and you helped me pinpoint my interests into pursing a career in business. As an update, I want to let you know that I was accepted into the University of Texas at Austin as well as the McCombs School of Business. Thank you for all the advice and strategies you gave me such as contacting professors and visiting with them (which I did). It really helped me as I went through my application process.


Austin (college student)

Becky...It was great to meet you and amazing to watch the process unfold.

I am singing your praises to all my friends!

Thank you so much - this was truly a gift to Zach and his self-esteem. :)

Robin (parent of high school student)

Thanks Becky!  I enjoyed meeting you and going through the exercise.  It helped us evaluate Andrew's strengths and gave us some focus for his college major selection. I especially enjoyed Andrew's commit afterwards, he said, "that's me on paper" referring to the Natural Talents Profile.

Kelly (parent of high school student)

Thank you, Becky. I really enjoyed meeting you and was blown away by what you discerned from Madeleine in such a short amount of time. I know she felt very proud of her own personal abilities and the possibility of putting these strengths to work in the months and years ahead. I think we both came away with a better understanding of who she is. I thought it invaluable!

Melissa (parent of high school student)


I can't thank you enough for your time with Brady.  I had heard absolutely wonderful things about you and was certainly not disappointed. Brady could sell ice to an Eskimo and so I was a tiny bit concerned that he would say whatever he thought you wanted to hear; he is a charmer! However, I left your office confident that you had pinpointed his natural talents. I was very impressed with your overall program.  We had a great talk over dinner and are excited for the next steps.

Tammi (parent of college student)

Thank you sooo much!!!

The insight, advice, loving care, and direction you provided Tabi (and me) was amazing and will set Tabitha on a path to a career that provides success, meaning and fulfillment!!

I am soooo glad to find you!!!

Leslie (parent of high school student)

Hi Becky. Hope all is well with you. It's that time again.....child #3 and the last! Dalton is currently a junior in high school, so we need to schedule an appointment.

Here’s an update on our other two. Garrett is finishing up his junior year at A&M, business finance with a minor in economics. Alexandra is finishing her sophomore year at Oklahoma Baptist, and applying for their nursing program that will begin in the fall.

Thank you and looking forward to visiting with you again.

Robin (parent of high school and college students)

Hi Becky, Thought you'd like to see Jessie's Facebook post. You helped Jessie move from always wanting to be a high school band director to her current major of economics (to which she has added a minor in math).

" You know how I know I'm on the right path for college?”

1. I am legitimately interested while reading my textbook for my current economics class and actually enjoy the information I'm absorbing.

2. I just had a thought along the lines of, "I can't wait for the fall semester to start so I can take Calculus II. I miss math."

Major- ✔; Minor- ✔"

Susan (parent of college student)

Dear Ms. Becky

The Get a Direction process was a fun and easy way to learn about and better understand my natural gifts and talents. You helped identify different majors and career paths! Thank you for helping me better understand my motivations and the possible outcomes.


Drew (college student)


Thank you so very much for the valuable insight and guidance you provided Clayton yesterday. Your working with him has definitely opened up new avenues for him to consider that we had not seen before.  I think we are still mentally processing all the information (I know I am, the guys process faster!), so we don't have any questions right now but might in time. Thank you again for helping to clarify his God-given talents and interests and point him in a direction that might suit him best. We appreciate your work and expertise!

Martha (parent of high school student)


Thank you for everything!  The discussion we had today has given me light that I've not had in a very long time.


I will be moving forward in a positive way!!!

Stephan (Rethink Your Path client)


Both the boys are sticking to their plans that you helped them with.

Nathan lost a year when he switched majors to Management Info Systems, but is on track to graduate in 2018.  He is toying with the idea of then going to UT for an Info Science law degree, which was another option for him in his session with you.

Ben went to Blinn CC this year to get his basic coursework started and will be applying to A&M soon for their Urban Planning program.

Your program was probably the best thing we ever did for them.  Thank you!

Leslie (parent of college students)


We enjoyed our visit with you yesterday and I think Daniel feels more secure having his natural talents and motivation checkpoints to use when considering schools and career options. Yours was SUCH a better experience than the one we had at AIMS in Dallas a few years ago with our older son.

Thank you so much.

Susan (parent of high school student)


Thank you.  Your work with Reagan removed much fog, reduced much fear and provided much encouragement.  Well done. This also helps us as parents.


Randy (parent of high school student)

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to check in with you and say it was such a great pleasure meeting with you last week! I really enjoyed our time together, I truly cherish the love and time you put into your work. I value your insight and wisdom, thank you so much for the guidance. I’m so glad God used you to put me back on track. I could never thank you enough!

Sincerely, Tatyana (Rethink Your Path client)

Thank you so much for your time Mrs. Preble! It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you an allow me to organize my thoughts so clearly. This will be invaluable for my direction in the near future.

Thanks again and God Bless!

Sam (college student)

Thank you, Becky!  Lauren enjoyed meeting you and talking about her future. We will certainly refer more high schooler's to you!


Gina (parent of high school student)


I have reveled all week on the insights and encouragement we all received from being with you Tuesday! All the information we received that day has spurred several conversations in our home along with a few recommendations to friends to definitely seek your guidance.  What a gift you are!

Much love,

Debbie (parent of high school student)


Counseling session ROCKED. Definitely worth recommending to any junior and seniors in high school.

During the session, she devises a list of things you're good at and what makes you happy (which I found were two equally important yet incredibly different aspects of finding a career that fits you). At the end, the two lists are written on two separate boards (with a board in between) on the wall. On the middle board, you write out different college majors/career options and see how many qualities listed play into that given career path.

In my case, every part of both lists matched with a couple different majors in Mays business school! Now my job is to get there....I've already swapped out some classes, but I still have some work to do. Will keep you updated on how all of this goes!

(Parker- college student describing to a former teacher his counseling experience)


We are extremely grateful for your help. Jackson didn’t have much of a plan before, and now I feel that he has choices and a true direction. Thank you also for squeezing him in before his senior year began!

We will keep in touch and let you know how our journey goes 😊

-heidi- (parent of high school student)

Hi Becky,

We would like to thank you for spending time with Will. He said this was a very useful experience, and he found it quick and easy to build a rapport with you. Will also mentioned he appreciated the process, and found it helpful to be actively involved pulling together his demonstrated natural aptitudes and how he wants to help others through his work when looking at the different majors.

Dana (parent of high school student)

Hi Becky!

I hope all is going well for you! I was a client of yours in September of 2014. I wanted to give you a quick update, one I've been meaning to give you for months and have simply just forgotten.

I came to you as a Deloitte Technology Consultant, and was extremely unhappy with my job. You helped me develop a framework for getting a new direction. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but wanted to come in with an open mind. You helped set me up for success, and confirmed my belief that teaching would be a desirable route for me. In June 2015, I left my job at Deloitte, and accepted a job working as a middle school math teacher at Second Baptist Middle School in Houston, Texas. The Lord was so faithful in providing that job at exactly the right time. It is now January 2016, and I am over 6 months into my job. Becky, I love waking up every day and going to my job!

Brittany (Rethink Your Path client)

Mrs. Preble, thank you so much for your work in career counseling! I am now looking forward to my future rather than dreading it! You are so talented and the Lord has blessed you with an amazing gift.


Rylee (high school student)

On behalf of Jeff, Ben and myself, THANK YOU SO MUCH for meeting with us today!  We are all inspired by the exercise you led Ben through, and he is really excited about his future, as are we.  I cannot imagine Ben’s path had we not had the opportunity of meeting with you.  We are very grateful!

Naomi (parent of high school student)

Hi Becky. Idk if you remember us but I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you.

Price got accepted into  Liberal Arts / economic’s @ UT.  We are so grateful for your direction. He couldn’t be happier.

Have a blessed day

Ruthie (parent of high school student)

Mrs. Preble, You've given me the gift of direction and tools and I could not be more grateful. I'll recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone presenting with symptoms of career-related angst. Thank you again!

Cheyenne (College senior)

Your work is so very important. It is truly an answer to prayer and to a need that I have seen in my school community. I have felt so frustrated and a bit at a loss so many times with regard to the questions your work seeks to answer.


High School Guidance Counselor

Good morning!

How are you? You helped our older son, Cade a little over a year ago, during his senior year. Cade is now completing his freshman year at Baylor and is majoring in Business. He is leaning toward MIS but will be doing an internship this summer in Houston with a company that will help him see a little of commercial real estate. Both areas you visited with Cade about during his senior year. Thank you for helping him have the tools to investigate different pathways!

Our younger son, Cole, is finishing his sophomore year in High school. We would like to have you visit with him as well.

Paige (parent of high school students)

Hi Becky,

Can't begin to express how life changing yesterday's time was for Leighton. We are extremely grateful for the time and the investment you have made in guiding him to discover who and how he has been created.

Wilson (parent of college student)

Thank you Becky,

We took our son to Johnson OConner in Houston and in comparing what you do to them, your service is more personal (no sitting in a testing area completing all kinds of manual type tasks). Your approach allows the student to see their own intrinsic strengths and match them to viable career fields.

(parent of high school student)


Thank you for your sincere effort and sincere dedication!  It sure seems that CJ found his "fire".

Thanks! Carlos (parent of high school student)


Good to see you!

Thanks for helping Liz out! You really did an awesome job! I will advise any senior to come and see you!

Linda (parent of high school student)

Thank you for all of your help. You'll be interested to know that I've applied and have been accepted into CCU's online undergraduate program for biblical studies. Thank you again, it feels good to have purpose again.

-N.C  (Rethink Your Path Client)

Thank you Becky! We were truly blessed to have worked with you!

Hannah (parent of college student)


Our time with you was wonderful, insightful, helpful and encouraging. We have perused over your findings several times and my daughter and wife had a meeting in Aggieland with Haley's Dean last week that had some direction we had lacked in the past. We will continue to sing your praises and hope God continues to Bless you, your family and your business.

All the Best,

Damon (parent of college student)

I experienced a turning point when I met with Becky and worked through her program. Her practice is founded on the belief that God created individuals in a unique and specific way and this plays directly into choosing a career path. Before working with Becky, I thought I knew what I was interested in, but I did not know how that applied to what I could do in my career. She helped me identify why I was so dissatisfied with the current job I held. Even though I was passionate about the field I was in, I knew I was not in the right career. When she helped me identify my natural talents and the outcomes that I look for in my work, she showed me how I was actually adding extra work for myself in my current job and I was not getting to utilize the gifts God gave me. Speaking with Becky was such an affirming, uplifting, and informative experience that a career test never could have given me. I walked away with a clear idea of the path that I wanted to pursue, a career path that I may not have had the courage to take if I had not gone through "Get a Direction".


(Rethink Your Path Client)

It was a great meeting.  I think we all learned a lot. Someday I would like to find out what I should be when I grow up! Almost completely empty nesters! I would like to have my son come visit with you as well.  Either during Christmas vacation or this summer. So glad you picked this occupation.

Take care,

Tracy (parent of high school student and a college student)


Thank you, Becky.

The hour with you going over the results of my sons’ assessments is ALWAYS a highlight!!  I love finding out what they will be when they grow up!!  You have amazing insight! I tell everyone about how spot-on you are. At least with my guys!

Love ya.

Lori (parent of high school students)

Thanks Becky. We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation which we continued through dinner and the rest of evening.  We all agreed that you are excellent in your job and this was an extremely valuable experience for Mark and us as well!  God definitely led you to the right profession.

Dan (parent of college student)

Hi Becky,

I wanted to give you an update on what has happened since we last met.  Our meeting was life changing as you confirmed to me what I knew I was passionate about but I wouldn't allow myself to follow.  I was wrapped into my ego of being a responsible accountant that needed to make a lot of money in business and keeping a stable job.  I was so down on myself for not being a naturally good accountant and having to work so hard to be good at my job. I was literally physically and mentally exhausted.

Gradually in the last few months I've really come to believe what you've said about me being creative and redoing homes.  After we met, within weeks I had purchased a house in Maine to redo.  Now I'm about to sell my house in Westlake for a $500k gain so I can use that money to invest in the Maine house and in flipping another Austin property. I said I would never sell the Westlake house but I realize it had become my identity/ego and that it's there to set me up for pursuing my passion of flipping homes.  You had said that what you're meant to do is likely what you spend the most time doing/fantasizing about.  That is the design and flipping of houses!  And I knew that at a very early age when I redid my own parent's house as a child and was obsessed with This Old House and going to Open Houses but I ignored it.  So, just thought I would send you a follow-up note because you gave me the guts and courage and confidence to slowly make this path into what I'm supposed to be doing versus what my ego says who I should be (which was living a life that wasn't mine).

Kind regards,

Elizabeth (Rethink Your Path Client)

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights, Becky!  I feel like we made some big steps towards college and career plans for Delaney.  I know she felt affirmed and encouraged and we appreciate that so much!


Cindy (parent of high school student)

Thank you so much for everything!  I really am excited about the direction my life is taking, especially after meeting with you! And that is what I so longed for, a passion to live for...a way to serve the Lord that brings me, and thus Him, joy.  I now end up laying in bed thinking of topics for a blog!  :)

Thank you again for everything!

Tracy (Redirect Your Future Client)

Thank you so much for meeting with me. You were so incredibly helpful. I am so excited that I have a much clearer vision of what major will best suit me!

Emily (high school student)

I want to thank you again for your insight with Stephanie.  We found our session very valuable.

Many Thanks,

Karan (parent of high school student)

Thank you so much for helping me today. You have opened my eyes to several opportunities and I will definitely do some more research. You helped me a lot!

Thank you.

Mariah (college student)

Thanks for the information Becky. Cody really enjoyed the session. We were very impressed and are happy he seems to be somewhat focused and relieved. I am amazed at how you picked up on Cody's strengths in such a short time. You were able to discover things we knew about Cody but maybe couldn't put into words. Thanks so much!!

Denise (parent of high school student)

Thank you for the time you spent with Kyle. He seems excited about his options! He stopped in Austin after leaving your office and met with a counselor at St Edwards. The program is changing to a weekend only program. But that would give him the opportunity to get a job during the week.

McMahan (parent of Rethink Your Path client)

Thank you so much for your time and talents!  It is very nice to get another perspective on Steven!  As a mom, you know he is wonderful, but tend to overlook the gifts he has. You have shown me a young man in a different light and I love him even more.  :-)  It is easy to get caught up in the trees and focus on missing assignments, picking on brothers and other annoying things your children do and miss the big picture - what he is becoming.

Jennifer (parent of high school student)


I tremendously enjoyed getting to reconnect with you and getting to know my son better. Thank you for opening our eyes to a whole other world of ideas for him to pursue.  After telling our daughter, Gracyn, and our son Griffin about it, they both wanted to get you to look into "your crystal ball" for them too. (LOL).  I know you have worked super hard to perfect your awesome gift for helping people to understand themselves better.  You are a blessing to many!  Thank you.

Russ (parent of high school student)

Thank you very much.  Alex is feeling great about the results of the consultation.  I think this has brought some much needed insight for her to move forward with.


Norma (parent of high school student)

Dear Becky,

Thank you so much for seeing our girls and hopefully giving them the direction they were missing! We all enjoyed meeting you and will definitely be referring some friends to see you as well.

God bless,

Laurie and William (parents of high school students)

Thank you much for making Elena happy and comfortable with her potential choice/career! It was a pleasure meeting you. Will try to convince my boy to schedule an appointment :)

Stella (parent of high school and college student)


Thank you for your time.  It was VERY helpful and I know will prompt many conversations, and those conversations will likely take a different direction from conversations past, following your insights into our daughter, Morgan.

We are grateful!

Ellen (parent of high school student)

Hi Becky,

Thank you very much for your time and guidance. It was certainly a worthwhile exercise that will yield benefits to Allison as she moves on to the next level!

Thanks, again.

William (parent of high school student)


We wanted to let you know Ryan was able to get into the A&M Camp Arch for Construction Science.  We missed the deadline but he got in on the wait list.  That will be a great opportunity for him to experience the campus and program and to meet some professors.  Thanks for telling us about it.


Jeff (parent of high school student)


You counseled with my son Richard and he’s now a senior at Auburn in Industrial Design.

You also counseled with my daughter Samantha. She has now graduated Wheaton College with the sociology degree that you two came up with.

I have a high school senior, Katelyn.

We want to see if we can get her in with you to do some narrowing down of what she might want to study in college.

Thanks for checking your schedule. Sooner is better for us than later.