The Get A Direction Natural Talent Questionnaire is a self-scoring and fun to use assessment tool that helps you discover your natural talents. It is the same Questionnaire that is used by high school and college students in the How To Pick A College Major workshop.

For almost 20 years, Becky Preble has been listening as clients from her college and career counseling practice have described their natural talents. She compiled over 130 examples of these natural talents into this easy to use Natural Talent Questionnaire. High school and college students have found the descriptions of the natural talents included on the Questionnaire to be quite helpful when they are asked to explain their strengths and abilities to others. For example, high school students have used the natural talent descriptions to explain why they are the most qualified candidates during interviews for scholarships or admission into college. College students have used some of the natural talent descriptions found on the Questionnaire to emphasize their natural abilities on their resumes and in job interviews.

The Natural Talent Questionnaire can be completed in less than 30 minutes. It is self-scoring and provides immediate feedback about your innate strengths and abilities. It comes with an information-packed CD offering practical advice on how to match your natural talents to a gratifying college and career/life path. Becky Preble explains how to use your results from the Questionnaire to explore your college and career options and find a direction that’s right for you.

Get A Direction Natural Talent Questionnaire, complete with the information-packed CD by Becky Preble

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